About The Hive


The Hive is a Denver-based collaborative co-working facility that provides many of the ad-hoc benefits of the modern Internet-cafe, with the professional working environment and community aspects of a more traditional office.

The Hive was conceived of several years ago to fit into the huge gaps between the various office options available to entrepreneurs and free-lancers. While working at home sounds great, it usually proves to be distracting and lacks the professional meeting space and community aspects of traditional offices. On the other side of the spectrum, traditional office space is expensive and requires a long-term lease and personal guarantee. Executive suites fill some of these gaps, but demand a high price point for the flexibility and to pay for the mahogany furniture, expensive phone systems, receptionists and high-end copiers – much of which is not required by today’s knowledge worker.

The Hive provides the perfect hybrid between these models – offering a cafe lounge area for socializing and ad-hoc collaboration, open plan office pods for 17 community members, a modern conference room that can be configured for meetings, or as a classroom and super high speed business-class Internet.

The model is simple as well – for $249 per month for a month-to-month lease our tenants have 24X7 access to the space and amenities – including a permanent desk and all you can eat Internet bandwidth.

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